It’s just too IMPORTANT to ignore!

Before I start, Mr. Light and Ms. Bubble wanted to share one interesting statements from one of the TOYOTA WAY- related books which I think is very interesting (especially for Indonesian). One of the Board of Director members in Toyota once said “In this company, we get approximately 1, 5 million ideas per year, and we use 95% of it”.

This statement made me think may be the reasons of why a lot people in my country are afraid to share their ideas, visions, and dreams is because they are afraid of getting rejected, and we get rejected A LOT.

For so many times, we have been told that being different is wrong. We have been told that thinking outside the box is wrong. We have been forced to believe that being unique in implementing ways of thinking equals to being strange within the society. For so many times, many people are not being able to explore their creativity because they are afraid of getting rejected by society.

One thing that we often forget is that CREATIVITY IS VERY IMPORTANT no matter how strange, how different, and how unique the implementation ways are as long as it did not violate the rights of other people and it didn’t harm our selves or other people

Creativity is being so important because it can stimulate a lot of benefits from continuous thoughts, motivation, achievement, and desires to live. I was having Creativity and Innovation class last Monday and there was a picture of one Psychology Lecturer in Germany which got in prison during Nazi period. The prison was hell on earth! but this Psychology Lecturer seems to show spirit of living and he made a lot of people wondered on how could he showed happiness in unpleasant condition.

Then he said, “This whole experience will be a great learning experience for me. As soon as I get back, I wanted to show all people that we can choose to live in happiness not matter how bad our surroundings are and we can also choose to live in misery even though things around us are so beautiful”. This guy shows how his creativity on looking at bad situation and turning it into a learning experience could light up his desires to live; it helps him to live longer with happiness and joy.

Besides that, creativity can also contributes to societal progress, organizational success, the well being of the individual, reaching personal achievement, sustaining happiness, and grab the overall success! The importance of creativity can easily be seen in the different ways people choose to express themselves. People have used their creativity to come up with endless ways to get their messages across, and we’re still thinking of new ones. We certainly don’t let words, arts, or other so called barriers limit us.

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  1. Great opinion!

    i like Toyota Way too.
    Lean Management is creative management to me.

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