Not-So-Fun Obligation!

For so many times and in so many sources people wrote how important it is to think positively towards something and looking at thins from different point of view. For example, I display a modified skull picture and skull is supposed to be scary, dark, or even evil-looking. However, if it painted so colorful and fun then it will have a totally different image.

Even though I already know the theory and I already see lots and lots of example, it seemed so hard to look at things differently when it came to SCHOOL ASSIGNMENTS! Lately, I took several classes and some turns out to be the “love-to-give-tons-of-assignment” classes. Since one class is only held once a week, lecturers will give students a lot of assignments, and I’m not saying that it is bad it’s just that sometimes I thought it is too-tiring-to-be-true, ha-ha!

There were a lot of times when me and my friends will sleep at 3 and wake up at 6 because we have to finish our assignment and go to early classes in the next morning. For me, tit also leads to other problems called insomnia! Sometimes I’ll just sit or lie in my bed and do nothing until 6.30 AM (because I can’t sleep).

But then, I find something to minimize this “f*ck assignments” phase. I realize that if I can not see “different side of assignments” yet, I’ll just try to find FUN things to do while doing my assignments. Most of the time I’ll do it with my friends (or boyfriendJ) so we can encourage each other and throw funny jokes! Other thing that I love to do is browse anything that I like to find in the internet. The other day, I was so interested in branding and advertisement so I try to do my finance tasks while looking at cool product ad!

Therefore, when you find times where it’s just too hard to think positively at not-so-fun activities, do other positive stuffs that makes you more comfortable in doing it. I really hope that it will help you as much as it helped me!

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One response to “Not-So-Fun Obligation!

  1. brownbeaver

    hahaha. iya cuy. tugas2nya emg su**s banget.
    gila mereka tu berasa kita cm kuliah mata kulia mrk doang! berasa kita cm ngerjain tgs dr mrk aja. huuh!
    heh? ada crt apa? yaakk ditunggu deh, cuy.
    jadwal yg beda2 membuat smua orang jd jarang bertemu. hehe

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