She’s like a virgin (or not!) and we call her MADONNA

If I only have a few votes for the most creative public figure in the world, then I will surely choose Madonna!

For me, Madonna is a type of singer who can be categorize as “too-hard-to-ignore”. You might love her or you might hate her but she can drag your attention towards her look, her dress, and of course her music. She has been around for so many years (how old is she rite now? About 50 isn’t it?) yet she still manage to provide us good entertainment.

One of the reasons of her sustainable success for me is because she is soooo creative on creating her public image and characters. During her early years people might remember her from a very controversial VMA performance when she wore a wedding dress and singing on the floor (she said that it was because she tore the dress), before people got bored with that look she already invented a new look!

Of course we remember the famous cone-bra corset that she wore a lot on her old concert, the long black hair with Gothic make up Madonna, the Evita slash Madonna, the Texas cow-girl Madonna, the androgyny Madonna, the oh-my-god-did-she-kissed-Britney-Spears Madonna, and the latest disco queen Madonna. All of that are Madonna’s look and we just can’t wait to see what will she look like in the future!

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