Creative and Inspiring in Their Own Ways

“Every society needs heroes. And every society has them. The reason we don’t often see them is because we don’t bother to look.” –SBY on TIME Asia

It’s been a pretty long time since my last post! I know I shouldn’t find excuses but I just can’t help blaming the killer-assignments, ha-ha! This particular post is something, which is very personal for me. This is about two Indonesians who inspire me a lot to look at life differently!

The first one is Saur Mariana Manurung but people often called her Butet Manurung. Years and years a go I noticed her from Kompas advertisement which shows how a teacher tried to educate children in Indonesia’s traditional tribe. Based on that “glitz” of interest I started to find information about her. Through all this times, I she has become a role model for me. For her, creativity is not only something that should be used to create benefit for your self or for “fortunate” people only, but also for other people who are not as lucky as us, who are not able to get proper education, or who are not fortunate enough to taste what ever it is we are having. For me, she is very creative because se can create a learning model, which can be adapted by people who never taste education before. She also thinks out of the box because even though she has a graduate degree in anthropology and literature, she chooses to give back to the society in her own ways. And she did it because she has passion for it!

The second icon is Budi Rahardjo. This one has an interesting story. The first time I met him, I wasn’t a fan because it was on an extremely huge class and you can’t really hear what he was talking about. But then I got a task to become the master of ceremony on a dialogue where he became one of the speakers. He is one of the most creative people I have ever met. Even though he has master degree from Manitoba University Canada and he has some successful business, he looked at things with unique thoughts and refuses to let other people limit his idea even though sometimes it challenged the “common” system. He creates Digital Beat, a digital music store at the time when musicians and labels are so afraid of piracy. It is one example of his idea, which challenged the ways of thinking of other people but yet he always have rationable reasons for all of his thoughts and actions.

Learning from these two Indonesians has inspire me so much to realize that sometimes we are “boxed” with opinions on how to use our creativity while actually we can use it in our own way and it could create a huge beneficial differences in the society!

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