Generating Creativity of Others! (thank you aaaaay)


Last month i was having a birthday and my so-called-boo was giving me a Diana f+ camera. I was soooooooo happyyyy! ha-ha! Since then i just get obsessed with this camera (and he got jealous a bit 🙂 ) and rite now i am currently having huge desire on buying another Lomo camera. Sadly, I have insufficient money (but i promise i will!!!)


What I’m trying to say is that my BF has put an invesment on my brain, because he gave me stuff that really generates by creativity, hehhe… Starting that day I kept experimenting with this new camera, and most of the time i failed, ha-ha!! But that’s okay rite? Because failure is just another process of achieving success 🙂 and since I’m not taking a killer-pictures yet, I display expamples of photos which can be produce by LomoCam!



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