Rationale Limitations!

I haven’t told you guys that one of my favorite beings of all time is babies and children! The fact that they are still having small amount of lust, hatred, anger, and necessary ego is so cool, ha-ha! That is why lately I’ve been opening CNN news more than ever to find out about latest news on China’s tainted milk. Four children died and 53.000 more suffered low to high level diseases including kidney problem, and reading those news really caught my nerves…

To be honest, I really respected China and the first reason is not about their politics or economy. It is basically because they can produce stuffs in cheap price and I LOVE saving money by buying; umm let’s just say products at reasonable prices, ha-ha!

China is a country which, I honestly believe, has tons and tons and tons of crazy-cool-sick-awesome-and extraordinary innovation. Their technology and product innovations have affected millions of people around the world by provides them useful product at cheaper prices. However, lately there are some problems occurred related to products produce in China. Its not just about tainted milk, months ago even Mattel pulled back their products in the market since it contains toxic material (and it was made in China).

What I’m trying to say is, we know that innovations are one of the key for sustainable development among human being. However, sometimes we still have to control it with certain limitations. Limitations can be anything from moral value, ethics, possible problem occurrence, or anything! Sure we said that innovating should be done without limitation or else it will be an unforgiving-limitation of creativity. But we sure don’t want those innovation endanger a lot of people, RITE?





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