“May be god has bigger plan for me, even bigger than the one that I have for my self” –From a tear-jerker chickflick called A Walk to Remember


   She has one of the most watched TV show on this planet, she has tons and tons of loyal friends and fand throughout the years, and she has a loootttttt of money! You are 100% right if you think that I am talking about Oprah!

   She is one of a good rolemodel (and one of the most creative women of all time in my opinion), because when she was still a little kid she experienced child abuse, she didn’t have proper education, and life below the prosperity line. However, she never give up to pursue a better future.

Oprah is not only creative in making a phenomenon talk show but she is also creative on creating ways to get out of her dark past and fight for her self in order to create a better life. And after she gets money, fame, and everything that came with it, she always tries to share it with others! So O stands for Outstanding, Original, and it all represent Oprah!

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