PIXAR: More than Just Cartoon

“In this life you have to give as much as you can, not to receive as much as you can.” Laskar Pelangi


I love to watch cartoon movie! Yapp, I’m a 20 year old girl, who expect her self to graduate next year, and still proudly announce that she love cartoon movies, ha-ha! My favorite cartoons lately include Monster Inc, The Incredibles, and the insanely-lovable Wall-E! In no time, you might be aware that these three movies are made by the same production company. The one which is ruled by the dreamy CEO named Steve Jobs, and this company is called PIXAR!

When I was younger, and by saying younger I mean at the age below of 10 *ha-ha!, I really love Disney’s princess movies because it displyed pretty girl pursuing their happily ever after. But as time goes by, I realize that I fall in love with cartoon movies not only because of the characters but it is also because of messages inside it. That’s why i think PIXAR is such a creative company.

Sure they have all of the modern technology to create a highly entertaining cartoon movies. And sure they have very creative design people to bring the characters alive. But what make PIXAR’s movie so special did not stop there, it is so special because it is also able to carry messages which will be later taken as moral of the story for children or even adults who watch it. PIXAR can wrap these messages in a very entertaining yet adaptlable form and I just want to give two thumbs up of this company!

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