Crazy Little Thing Called Determination

“My father is a fisherman, I’m his older son, and I have sisters. But my father never ask me to go to the sea with him, not even once. All he wanted me to do is go to school” -Laskar Pelangi

Recently I just watched a movie called Laskar Pelangi. For me, it was one of the best Indonesian movie of all time! Looking at characters on that movie made me realize about something. Sometimes in life we always thought that brain capacity, intellegency, networks, and constructive condition are all that matters. The truth was even though one is not given with all of that blessings, they can still achieve their dream and desires in life. All we have to do is never give up and fight, use all of their power,  learn from whatever mistakes that we’ve made, and sometimes isolate ourself from outside judgment. Determination is a key to achieve what ever it is we wanted to achieve. And even after we thought that we already achieve it all, hold it all together will become an even harder job. We may fall so hard, we may lose it all, but as long as be believe in our self and fight once more we can gain success and precious experiences.

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