Creative on Crisis!

“Nothing is impossible. Some things are just less likely than others.” -Jonathan Winters

Crisis crisis crisis! The world-wide financial crisis has become a highlited topic all over the world right now! Some of us surely face a huge problems caused by the crisis lately. One of the best ways to overcome the crisis is cut out daily expenses. Sure there are tons of ways to substitute our daily money-consuming activities in order to save money. One thing that i loveee to do the most is go to the cinema so it consume tons of money since i go there a lot. Therefore, rite now I try to minimize the “cinema expenses” by buying DVD of my favorite movies. Its cheaper and I could watch it over and over again, ha-ha!

If you don’t face difficulties related to the recent financial crisis, may be you could help others who are more unfortunates. Give away clothes which you did not use anymore could be one of a good way since apparel is pretty expensive lately. Well, after all to create a better condition for ourself we should also consider the condition of others rite? So lets run a creative cut backs starting now (I’m soooo talking to my self! hahaha!)

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