I Worship Excel!!!

Lately, campus assignment is making me enter the whole “sleeping 4 hour or less” phase all over again. Even though I really thought that sometimes it is pretty disturbing knowing the fact that assignments consume tons of time (descreasing times for me to hang out with friends or even families), all of the assignment hours make me realize about the increadible usage of a program that has helped me a lot!

I just looooovvvvveeeee the creator of Microsoft Excel simply because it has helped me finish my tasks waaaaay faster. Imagine if we have to calculate stock valuation or calculate the risk of our stock portfolio using calculator, we could spend days and days and days! Most of my campus assignments are curently related to pretty complex calculation to be analyze and the exsistance of Microsoft Excel really makes me want to kiss Bill Gates, ha-ha!!! Although I can only calculate using common formula I already feel the extnsive usage of Excel, I wonder what kind of calculation can we perform if we understand the whole thing about Excel… Well, in this exact time I’m having Decision Making class using Excel to create Decision Tree and calculate the sensitivity, so until then let’s pray that the Excel creator can get the best in their life and hope that they’ll create more and more usefull technology in the future! THANK YOUUU EXCEL!!!!!

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