Don’t Steal Our Dignity.. Better Steal Our Moneyyyyy!

The man who has done his level best… is a success, even though the world may write him down a failure. ” B C Forbes

Piracy has recently become a hot issue. Especially when people from other countries are trying to claim our national heritage as something belong to them, and even registered a patent for it in their names. I just have huge heartache while reading about an article about accessories designer from Bali who can not export her products anymore because her accessory designs are already claimed by people from England. She felt so angry because the design was actually an ancient traditional Balinese design and it belongs to the people of Bali. Well, she is not the only victim. Each and every time there are just more and more traditional heritage “stolen” from our country. Creating traditional songs, fabric, design, and other heritage sure to be a very creative thing. It proves that Indonesian people can already extent their creativity since hundreds of years a go. I just felt that we should have another creative idea to protect what is actually belong to our country, created by our country. It’s just a shame when we have to face facts mentioned above…

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