Guilty Pleasure! I Love it, I Just DON’T Want to Admit it…

“To be your self is to accept who you are.” -Larry King


These past few days my friends (which happen to be on the same CI group with me) and I are having a new obsession. Well this is not actually an ambitious obsession but it’s more like a guilty pleasure for us. It’s the Tarot card! Ha-ha, I’ve told you it such a guilty pleasure. Recently one of my housemates bought a tarot card along with tarot books and we just keep playing with it. Anyway, I realize that the whole card (even the devil one) is actually has some positive meanings behind it. Makes me wonder, the one who created Tarot must be very creative! There are a lot of cards and each has different meanings, pictures, and representations. Playing with it can also gives us certain kinds of confidence so even though I’m not a Tarot believer I just thought that it’s just so fun when I picked good cards!

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