Heal Me Doctors! I Lost My Brainnnn!

Life is a long lesson in humility. ” – J M Barrie


I loooove Grey’s Anatomy! I think that it’s the show with one of the most creative script of all time! When we think about hospital and doctors sometimes we just thought about pain, bored, nerds, static, and stuffs related to disease.

Grey’s Anatomy is such a good show, it can change your image about hospital and all of the medical-people! It shows that in hospital, there can be a lot of drama, affair, and tons of fun. And it shows us that even doctors can give insane comments and they can also have blonde-moments. I think I shall admit that I’m just so addicted to Grey’s Anatomy!!!



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2 responses to “Heal Me Doctors! I Lost My Brainnnn!

  1. missphantomed

    Grey’s Anatomy is the ultimate bore-you-to-the-bone show in the world. Whoops, I forgot Heroes.

  2. lightandbubble

    well, i guess people has their own favorite shows and its completely okay rite? greys is entertaining for me but ya i agree that heroes is getting a bit boring. may be we should try watching other shows which is not superpower-related 🙂

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