PLAN B,PLAN C, PLAN D… Well PLAN A Might Not Work Rite?

dont-worryThere are so many things in life worth fighting for, so many things that we want to enjoy yet it requires tons of work and effort. Sometimes, even after we fight as hard as we can, we are not able to get a satisfying result. Failure has an extreme bitter taste. I’m a kind of person who actually believes in hard work but sometimes it is still not enough.

Facing failure makes me wonder sometimes, is it happen because of insufficient effort, is it happen because we simply don’t deserve achieving something, or its just one bad episode created for us? However, for the past few years I realize that sometimes failure leads us to a better result. Sometimes its just a medium which can leads us to another option which suites us more.

During my first semester in high school, I desperately wanted to get accepted in science major. However, no matter how hard i studied it seems that all the effort is useless (and i got a lot of bad scores). Sure it felt so bad to know that after fighting for months it’ll be impossible to achieve what i wanted, but since then I tried to look for positive sides of other major. Turns out that i fall in loooove with social major, and since the second semester I tried to put more attention for social studies. At the end of the year, I was accepted in the social major and i would say that it was one best decision I’ve ever made.. and it wont happen if it was not started by failure for entering my first option. At the end of the day, for me what really matter is not only about winning or loosing, achieving something or failing, but what is also important is to accept failure, deal with it, and turns it in to something which may gives us better result!


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