I’m a God Person When I’m Down, Forget Him When I’m Not , and Now It has to Stop

This is something that frequently happens.. and I’m also being part of people who needs to get her world up side down before turning her self in to god. May be its simply because when we are down we finally get in to a point where we realize that no one can help us except ourselves, and when we feel that we can’t handle things alone we just need other forces to help us out. Sometimes we don’t even expect Him to solve the problems, we just need someone to run in to when things are just so messed up.

Question is, why do we sometimes forget to praise Him when we are out of our dark moments? Sometimes we feel like things are going fine because we work hard for it, or we made sacrifices for it to happen. But isn’t it ironic knowing that nothing will be exist, not moments nor feelings, if He does not creates it.

Today I realize again, how small we are. We’re just one fragile being living in a gigantic social medium waiting for something that we don’t even know will comes up. Most of the time, I don’t prepare of what will be coming, and if the thunder strikes I will be devastated. Sometimes in times like that we just need a more intimate moment with Him, a moment where we could give ourselves and spit our heart out for someone we can’t even see or hear or touch, but we know He’s listening. Someone we can trust, rely on, and forces that we believe existed.


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