It’s like one twisted time capsule, 24288 HOURS LATER

“Time is the measurer of all things, but is itself immeasurable, and the grand discloser of all things, but is itself undisclosed” Chales Caleb Colton, Lacoon


     I was sitting in my office -the same office I joined 3.5 years back after graduation, and I was reading my friend’s blog with some other friends. Ok I confess it was not in a good intention, we meant to gossip about the content 😉 … but then I remember I also used to write a blog when I was in University! Then I spent the next 15 minutes doing the following:

1. Trying hard to remember what it was called..and FAIL

2. Trying to Google my name followed by the word “blog”, and arrive in some random pages about restaurant and Andes mountain resort….super FAIL (and a bit lame…WHO in the world think it’ll be cool to Google their own name…shame on me!)

3. Digging my Yahoo account to find whatever blog-related email…and I MADE IT! I can re-access this blog and oh-boy-what-an-interesting-feeling-that-was! It’s like I’m opening some time capsule (do people still do time capsule these days? haha!) and being able to revisit the past!

like i'm flying back to the past!


I was scratching my head, smiling, and laughing primarily because of a couple of thoughts about my old posts like

  • “What was I thinking back then when I was writing such sad posts about some problem (or people)”. If I can meet the younger me back then I’ll say ‘seriously, it won’t even matter in the next 3 months’ 🙂
  • “There are some posts where I complain about assignments which I can’t even recall anymore”
  • “Oh my god I was writing about my ex-boyfriend!”
  • “OH MY GOD I WAS WRITING ABOUT NOKIA- and categorize that amongst my post about creativity and innovation”
  • “I can’t even imagine myself now making cup cake, or making scrapbook…not even close”
  • “Where is Madonna now?”

     As questionable as it was, I remembered I used to love writing those posts. I remember I used to write a lot. For blogs, for magazine, for radio shows. Well now, I write a lot as well. For business reviews, marketing plans, and occasionally writing on my facebook wall during office hour 🙂 but I remember writing used to be a much more fun activity.

So today, 24288 hours after my last post, I hope I can make writing  a fun activity for myself once more!


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