A Girl Who Lives in Fiction-Island!

My name is Andina Putri (19006119) and I am currently studying in a business school at Institut Teknologi Bandung.

This August I just began my final year. Yippee!! and I really really really hope that I’ll finish my study during August 2009…

Last nite I spend tons of time just to think about the name for this blog. Since I’m so bad at finding names, I would say that huge amount of times that i spent are pretty much wasted! However, i came up with two words which are “light” and “bubble”.

Although it may sound soo corny and you may think that I’m such an oh-my-god-I-love-girly-stuffs kind of person, the meaning behind “light” and “bubble” is not corny at all! (Well, at least I thought it’s not ;p)

So let me present you MR.LIGHT and MS.BUBBLE! They are two characters that will assist you through your journey in this blog!

In comic books (which i read too much ;p) bubble callouts are used to portrayed characters who are thinking about ideas, and in commercials a bright light from a lamp represent characters who are having an “AHA” moment. “AHA” moment happen when characters are getting ideas or solution towards certain issues. That is why, Light and Bubble represent something which will be widely discusses in this blog, and we spell it…



One response to “A Girl Who Lives in Fiction-Island!

  1. hey ndin, i like reading your blog loh!
    let me linked your blog on mine yah 🙂
    post some more creative posting girl!

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